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Installing the Tablet in the Telepresence Robot Head

You can use any tablet and any video communication tool in the robot head, but by default robot uses his own web application based on WebRTC and working in browsers listed in browsers compatibility page. For default web application we recommend to use Android, iOS or Windows-based tablets, like Huawei MediaPad T5, for example.

Telepresence robot wheels control tool doesn't depend on tablet in robot head. Robot wheels are controlled by Raspberry Pi computer mounted in the robot chassis.

Mechanical mounting of tablet you can see in figures below. What position is better, horizontal or vertical, depends on your client position (client is the device you use for remote robot control). If you use desktop computer as a client which has horizontally positioned screen, the better way would be the horizontal position tablet in robot head. If you use smartphone as a client and hold it vertically, then the best position for tablet is vertical position. If the tablet camera aspect ration (for example, 4:3, 16:9, 5:3, 8:5 etc.) is equal to client screen aspect ration, you will have the best angle of view and image will take full screen area in client. If aspect ratios are not equal, you will lose part of image or will have empty (white) part of screen. A detailed description of this topic can be found in our blog.

Attention! Do not overlap tablet camera, tablet switches or power supply connector with mounting accessories.

You can adjust the best size and aspect ratio of your video choosing parameter "Transmitted camera resolution for the remote client" and "How to adjust video on this screen" in the "Settings" page. It allows you to find the best view suited for your purpose. You can change parameter "Full Height" in "Settings" page to see more view angle in vertical direction or "Full Width" to see more in horizontal direction.

Don't remember, the higher video resolution you choose, the higher internet speed you need. If you choose big resolution at low internet speed, you will see slowly changing video frames instead of smooth video.

As usual, tablet goes to sleep very quickly, so you need to choose "to not sleep" in tablet settings.

Robot head has standard USB connector in bottom side. You can use it to prevent tablet from discharging. Use USB cable of your gadget for this purpose. You can also not use this cable and charge the tablet its own charger.

You can use not only WiFi net, but mobile internet too. For this, you need SIM card in your tablet, then turn your tablet Personal Hotspot "On" and connect telepresence robot to this hotspot as it is written in "Connecting to WiFi" page.

After entering the website Login page, press gear image (it is "Setting" button) in left bottom part of the page and in "Setting" page check "Yes" in string "Is this tablet installed on the robot?" (see video below). After that your browser address string will be changed to;