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Unbox and assemble BotEyes telepresence robot

The easiest way to understand how to assemble a robot is to watch this video:

Open the packing box and get take it out all the robot parts.

Delete packaging material from all the parts mentioned above.

Remove the screws from the robot neck (see figures below) and connect both parts of the robot neck with each other (figures below). Be careful to not damage the wires.

Robot neck assembly, first step Robot neck assembly, second step

Align both parts of the neck so that the holes in them coincide with each other and carefully insert the two screws that were unscrewed earlier. Screw them using the screwdriver supplied with the robot (see below).

Robot neck assembly with screw driver

Open the robot white cover (see below). To do this, hook your finger on the bottom of the cover and pull it to the side.

How to open telepresence robot white cover How to close robot white cover

Slide the telepresence robot neck through the hole in the white cover (see below).

Sliding  telepresence robot neck through hole in cover

Fix the cover at the top of the telepresence robot's neck using clamper (see below) so that it does not prevent with your next steps.

Inside the telepresence robot, full view

Unscrew the nut-lamb (see below), it will be needed for the next step.

Two screw in telepresence robot neck

Insert two screws fixed to the neck into two holes in the telepresence robot neck holder and screw two nut-lamb, starting from bottom one (see below). You can use pliers because rather difficult to tighten the nut-lamb by hand.

How to connect wires while assembly the telepresence robot

There are two cables coming out from the telepresence robot neck: white and black. Black cable is for tablet power supply and white wire is for tablet tilt motor control. Two wires of each cable have to be connected to terminals as you see in above and below. White wire from white cable you need to connect to "-" clamp, brown wire to "+" clamp in left side of figure below. White wire from black cable you need to connect to "-" clamp and red wire to "+" clamp.

Telepresence robot body without cover

Connect two wires from robot cover to two clamps on the robot chassis (see below).

Inside the telepresence robot, back side

How to turn robot On and Off

Robot has big stainless button in top of body:

Telepresence Robot On and Off button

If you press this button when the telepresence robot is off, then it will turn On. The red led will light up. If you press this button when robot is On, then it will turn Off. The red led will turn off.

ATTENTION! You need to press and hold button pressed until green LED will go Off or about 10 second.