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Guarantee of Manufacturer

Manufacturer of robots (RLDA Ltd.) guarantees a free replacement or repair of defect robot parts for 1 year from the date of sale it, subject to the rules of operation was satisfied. Fault diagnosis can be performed remotely by manufacturer via the Internet.

The warranty does not cover rechargable batteries, which the consumer can replace yourself and third party products like Internet, Microsoft Windows and Skype.

Privacy policy

Software RobotSideUWP is used for remote robot control only and for this purpose it sends the mouse cursor coordinates from web-server to computer inside the robot. For robot registration this program uses identification (serial) number of the robot only. Thus, RobotSideUWP software do not collect or use any personal data or other information that could be used for person identification, like name or address, phone number, biometric identifiers, location, contacts, photos, audio, - and video recordings, etc.