Make selfie video in full growth!

Robot BotEyes can remove selfie video, traversing you along a specified trajectory

Pick up a smartphone and manage the shooting


How to shoot a selfie video in motion?

BotEyes robot consists of two completely independent parts: video camera controlled via the Internet and a mobile chassis, which is also controlled via the Internet, but through a second communication channel independent of the videocamera. This allows you to detatch a video camera from the robot and attach in its place either another camera, an action camera such as GoPro, or a ordinary camera. The GoPro camera allows you to make settings and remote pictures from your mobile phone. Some cameras also have the same capabilities.


Thus, in order to make selfie in dynamics, you need to run the robot on movement, for example, around you along a circular path, and turn on the camcorder for recording. As a result, you will get a self video in dynamics.


The problem in this case is only that the robot must move on a smooth soft surface, so that the camera can not see the shaking or you will need to use the programmed processing of the video to eliminate the jitter.


Advantages in compare with selfie stick

The easiest way to do selfie is to reach out with the camera and press the button. The disadvantage of this is that you can take picture only your face, which also will be distorted after passing through the optical channel of the camera.

The second step in improving the selfie is a selfie stick, which allows you to reduce distortion and increase the viewing angle. The stick allows you to remove distortion and increase the viewing angle.

But what if you want to shoot yourself at full length, from afar? Moreover, from the side, from behind, or from all sides, and in motion? There are no such long sticks for selfie. The robot managed via the Internet can come to the aid, which we offer on this site.