Test drive from Windows desktop computer

For testing BotEyes-Pad, first you need to install Skype (if you do not have it). Next go to "Control" page, input there User Name: white.boteyes and Password: 1  and press the "Log in" button. After that you will see the page containing "GO!" button and field to input robot Skype name white.boteyes. Press the "GO!" button now.

If Skype will not open automatically, open it manually and call to white.boteyes. Don't try to control robot if you have not connected Skype to robot yet.
After all above you will see image like here:

Here you see robot base and robot control disk bottom right. Go backward first, then lift camera and enjoy the journey.

If you have questions or comments, please email it to support@boteyes.com.

How to control the robot

Video: How to control BotEyes

1. If you press the "GO!" button, you will see new (small) browser window that contains controlling disk. If you don't see it,  you need to permit pop-up windows in your browser for the site "boteyes.ru".

2. Browser window that contains the control disk must be above all the windows for the robot control to be available.

3. Press mouse in red sector and robot will go back. Press in green sector and it will go forward. To turn robot press yellow sector. The far from disk center the higher robot speed. Geen arrows in right side allow you to tilt robot camera.

4. To control robot you can use arrows in your keyboard too, but control disk must be above all the windows too.

5. You can control robot using arrows on your computer keyboard. It is much more convenient. In this case camera tilt is done by "Home" and "End" keys.