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How do I know that I need to charge the batteries?

The percentage of remaining battery power is displayed in the top of robot control page, at the time when the robot does not move. After a few sessions, if you pay attention to the indication of the remaining charge, you will be able to predict how soon the robot will demand the battery charge.

When the robot goes, I hear the noise from the wheels in my speakers. How to fix it?

Disable the speaker button on the computer keyboard at the time of movement of the robot.

The room is noisy and the power dynamic is not enough for a good intelligibility of the voice.

Buy BlueTooth speaker and connect it to the computer mounted on the robot. The speaker itself can be placed under the lid of the chassis of the robot to attach to his "neck" or put in any place separately from robot (Bluetooth working in distance up to 10m).

What obstacles can the robot overcome?

Without difficulties, the robot can overcome cables and wires on the floor and doors steps with a height up to 1.5 cm. 

What will be if robot loses Wi-Fi connection while movement?

The robot will stop. In the process of moving the robot receives commands travel through the Internet, with a frequency of once per second. If there will be the sudden disconnection, the robot stops. After restoring the connection, the robot is immediately ready for movement. Note: if you have unstable Internet, the robot can move with little jerks, due to the above reasons.

How there is resumed the interrupted connection of the robot to the network?

It works on Windows, so the connection can be resumed by means of the OS in accordance with the user settings. It is recommended to check the "auto-connect" box and save the password on the wireless network.

Could the robot get out of control and keep moving yourself?

The robot is equipped with a system watchdog timer that continuously with a frequency of 1 time per second tests the quality of the communication channel and the presence of an operator at the computer. In the absence of the operator or the signal for 1 second the robot stops.

What is the validity of the account and what to do if the password is lost?

The validity of the account is indefinite. In case you lose your password, you need to make a user registration again. In case of losing the serial numbers of the robot contact the manufacturer.

Where to buy new batteries?

If the robot operating time on batteries is decreased up to unacceptable values, the user can replace the batteries. New batteries are common in sale and sold in many computer stores. This is battery for uninterrupted computer power supply (UPS), voltage of 12 V and a capacity of 7.2 a-h. You can remove the battery from the robot, read the specifications on the label and purchase the same.

What if the robot whistles, like a microphone when setting up at the concert?

This is a phenomenon of acoustic feedback. It is exist only in the case where the robot is controlled from a close distance, when a sound from dynamics of the robot reaches the microphone of the control device. You can take the following actions:
- increase the distance between robot and gadget ;
- turn off the microphone or speaker on your controlling device

How long does a BotEyes take to charge when I first receive it and take it out of the box?

The BotEyes is supplied in fully charged condition, so you can use it directly. Fully charging your BotEyes takes about 8 hours. The charging percent you can see in left-top corner of robot control disk.

Can I see the remote place on TV-set?

There are two options: a) if your TV has Skype (it is available in all modern TVs), you can simply connect TV to remote robot;
b) you can use HDMI cable to connect your desktop computer or tablet to TV.

Can I use an iPhone or an iPad to drive a BotEyes?

You can use iPAD starting from OS9 version, also any Android device with Android v.8 and above, and any desktop computers with Windows.

Can a BotEyes be used by different people at the same time? Like split screen?

Yes if you use Skype that has video conferencing option and no if you use default (WebRTC-based) option. The wheels can be controlled by all the people connected to BotEyes at the same time.

How many BotEyes users (accounts) can I have?

You can have as many accounts as you like.

Can I use a BotEyes while it is charging on the charging dock?

Yes, video and audio data can be transmitted while the BotEyes is on the dock.

Does the BotEyes auto-parking?

Yes, it has mechanical autodocking. The geometrical shape of the dock station allows user to approach to dock at angle from -45 to +45 degrees and after that robot goes yourself in needed place. You can find the correspondence video in YouTube BotEyes channel.

I live outside of the United States, can this still work where I am?

Yes, BotEyes can work anywhere in the world as long as you have a network connection available.

How well does this work on different surfaces? Like carpet and tile floors?

The BotEyes can be driven on any type of smooth flooring and ADA certified ramps and thresholds.

Can this work outside?

Yes, but it was designed for indoor use and shouldn't be operated near water or in rain.

How long is the battery life?

BotEyes has a 10-hour battery life.

What kind of battery does it use and can I attach a secondary battery pack to extend the battery life?

BotEyes uses a lead-acid, non-spillable battery, and modifying the BotEyes will void the warranty.

Can I show people a video on the screen?

BotEyes can uses Microsoft Skype for video communications, so all the features BotEyes is exactly the same as Skype features, see Skype manual for details.

Can the camera move around or can the screen be adjusted?

The camera is placed in tablet and it can be tilted up to 120 degrees. To see around you need to use wheels moving.

Does this come with a dock or is that sold separately?

BotEyes comes with a dock. Dock station works with 100...240V, 50/60 Hz.

How much does the BotEyes weigh and can it be moved from one place to another?

It weighs 24 lb and it can be moved throughout a space as desired. You can do so by driving the device via internet or manually.

How big is the screen?

It depends on tablet you use in BotEyes. You can use tablet of any size from 7" to 11" (typical tablets has 10’ screen) and even smart phone.

Is there software available for Linux?

Yes. BotEyes uses Skype and any web browser. Both of it has Linux versions.

Can the BotEyes be used with a hotspot from my smart phone?

It can be connected to a cell phone or tablet hotspot; however, the quality of the call will be dependent on your cell phone's bandwidth and signal strength.

How easily is this to be knocked over?

The BotEyes is specifically designed to avoid accidental tipping. The main its weight is in the base, giving the BotEyes a low center of gravity and making it difficult to knock over.

Can you record your conversations on BotEyes?

Yes. If you would like to record speech or video during your BotEyes session, you will need to use a third party software, for example, Amolto Call Recorder or iFree Recorder.

How do you drive the BotEyes?

There are a few different ways that the user, or pilot, can drive the BotEyes. a) The pilot can operate the BotEyes using the arrow keys or W, A, S, and D keys on the computer. Use the UP arrow key to drive forwards, the left and right arrow keys to drive left and right, and the down arrow key to drive backward. The moving speed you can control by PagUp and PageDown buttons.
b) Click and hold your mouse (or finger if you use touchscreen) on the robot control disk. The BotEyes will drive slower if the mouse cursor is closer to the center of control disk, and faster if the mouse cursor is farther away from it.

Does the BotEyes come with a warranty?

The BotEyes comes with a one year warranty for any defective parts. After a year you can buy and replace by yourself any defective part of robot. You can call or email us for technical support.

What do I do if I have a question or problem with my BotEyes?

Please contact +7 (495) 26-66-700 and a member of our support team would be happy to assist you.

What is the difference between BotEyes-Mini and BotEyes-Pad?

BotEyes-Mini uses Pan-Tilt-Zoom WiFi camera, but BotEyes-Pad uses tablet.

Will my BotEyes work without the annual service subscription?

Yes. BotEyes do not require any subscriptions to operate.